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The Meza Brothers (2011)

A zombie apocalypse unites a ragtag pack of dogs in the ruined streets of Miami. Immune to the epidemic, they must stick together to survive in the midst of ferocious undead and human survivors in this unauthorized sequel to "Homeward Bound." Sit. Stay. Play dead...


The film was a result of Andres and Diego Meza Valdes teaming up with Rachel Goodrich and Amigo the Devil as part of our filmmaker + musician collaboration series.


*Fantasia Film Festival

*Toronto After Dark Film Festival

*Dead by Dawn Film Festival

*Semaine Fantastique du Cinema

*New Orleans Horror Film Festival (Winner, Best Director)

*Eerie Horror Film Festival

*Spooky Movie Film Festival

*Freakshow Film Festival (Winner, Best Florida Film; Winner, Best SFX)

*Screamfest Film Festival

*DC Shorts Film Festival

*A Night of Horror Film Festival (Syndey's Fantastic Planet)

*iShorts Prague

*Doomsday Film Festival

*Distributed by FEARNET

*Featured as Short of the Week


"...cute, surprisingly touching and funny"


" and friendly, but it won't dissapoint genre fans. Refreshing"

-Sinistre Magazine


"..a unique and darkly funny take on zombies, Play Dead made me smile and cringe."


"A very bloody shade of adorable, the exceptionally well staged, charming and surprisingly impactful short is bound to be a breakout for the very talented pair of filmmakers behind it."

-Mitch Davis