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MIAMI---Borscht Corp has partnered with Severin Films and Intervision Picture Corp for a unique screening event and limited edition poster celebrating legendary horror film The Burning Moon. At midnight, Friday the 13th, April 2012, Borscht Corp will curate and host the first ever screening of the film in Miami, free to the public, at O-Cinema, 90 NW 29 Street. The late night screening will be preceded by giveaways, graphics by Bleeding Palm, exclusive and vintage trailers selected by Borscht staff, and complimentary, free-flowing libations blessed by a Santeria priest. Lucky attendees will receive posters and copies of the newly released DVD of The Burning Moon, courtesy of Intervision Picture Corp.

Artist Johnny Ryan, comix mastermind and creator of Blecky Yuckerella and Prison Pit, was commissioned by Borscht to illustrate a limited edition, glow-in-the-dark screen print poster for the film and screening. A small number of these prints are available, while supplies last, at the Borscht webstore..The night of the event will also mark the exclusive premiere, courtesy of Discosoma Records, of a track entitled "Burning Mo0on" by sleepwalking, the side-project of Miami pop group ANR and multi-media artists Coral Morphologic, with band members in attendance. The event is sponsored by Crystal Head Vodka, Zaya Rum, and Casa Noble Tequila.


"Every other horror film is but glassy-eyed taxidermy above the mantel of The Burning Moon...The cinematic equivalent of humping gravestones after midnight on meth."

--Hunter Stephenson (Borscht Corp Hegemon of Content; VICE)

"An anti-human masterpiece. There's zero doubt that director Olaf Ittenbach was destined to either make this film or rape wolves."

--Zack Carlson (Author Of Destroy All Movies; Alamo Drafthouse Programmer)

"The best description of this movie might be that it's the German Say Anything."

--Michael Koman (Executive Producer and Co-writer of Adult Swim's Eagleheart)

“When the Germans make a horror movie, *they make a fucking horror movie.* Olaf Ittenbach’s flick is built around a corker of a framing device: a smack-addled teen, forced to babysit against his will, terrifies his kid sister with unrelentingly sadistic bedtime stories. It’s basically The Princess Bride with Peter Falk’s part being played by John Wayne Gacy wearing Peter Falk’s flesh.”

--Mr. Beaks (Ain't It Cool News)

“What Creepshow would be like shot on VHS and narrated by a homicidal German Rainn Wilson-clone all hopped up on junk...Enjoy with some Sauerbraten and a nice Gerwurztraminer!”

--Pat Healy (Actor in The Innkeepers; Compliance)


--Art Teele (Former Miami-Dade County Commissioner; Spectre)